5 Safety Tips When on the Road

Automobile accidents and injuries are the leading causes of death in many countries around the world. As a result, auto safety while on the road is very important. The following 5 tips will help you stay safe while on the read:

1. Stop driving distracted


You should avoid getting distracted even briefly when driving because it can cause accidents. When driving, you should have undivided attention. Some of the things you should avoid doing while driving include texting or talking on the phone, eating or drinking, messaging in the radio and applying makeup for ladies. In case you need to text or make a call or do anything else, you should not multitask. Instead, you should pull over safely to the side of the road.

2. Drive safely in traffic


Drivers face heavy traffic especially during rush hours in big cities. As the cars are lined bumper to bumper, you may get anxious and cause an accident. It is advisable to be extra cautious when in traffic by paying attention to other cars and the road. Secondly, you need to avoid driving aggressively e.g. by weaving in and out of lanes and merging across lanes. While you avoid aggressive driving, be cautious because some drivers might be careless causing accidents. Finally, keep a safe distance between cars to allow yourself more time to brake and avoid rear-end collisions.

3. Be prepared for an emergency


Although no one likes to experience emergency situations, you should always be prepared just in case any arises. Your car may break down leaving you stranded on the road looking for help. On the other hand, you may not have a first aid kit and you are injured or someone else needs first aid. These are some of the things you should have to prepare for an emergency:

Have an emergency kit that has the following

  • First aid kit• Flashlight• Paper towel• Jumper cables• Tools• Motor oil• Tire jack.


Have emergency numbers on hand

You should save the numbers of a tow truck, locksmith, delivery of free gas among other people you may need.

4. Follow traffic laws


Following safety laws is for your sake as well as other road users. Most drivers who follow the laws have very minimal chances of getting involved in an accident. Following the laws means stopping at traffic lights, using turn signals and adhering to the speed limit. Following traffic rules is also important because you will avoid hefty fines and tickets which are issued to drivers who break the laws. You can avoid over speeding by watching your car’s speedometer, using cruise control and planning ahead to give yourself enough time to drive to your destination.


Most drivers over speed because they are late for work, appointment or for an event. Leave early to avoid speeding your car with a motive of arriving early or on time.

5. Avoid drowsy driving


Fatigue is one of the reasons why drivers cause an accident. Fatigue can lead to sleep or uninformed decisions which might put the driver or other road users at a risk of an accident. Therefore, get enough sleep, pull over when you are tired or get another driver to take you home instead. While coffee is awesome, you must also know the bad side effects of coffee.

Safety comes first when driving because of your life and that of others depend on it. The five tips discussed above can help you drive safely while on the road.